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Products & Services


Oil Lubricated Rotary Compressors

  • Fixed or Variable speed
  • Enclosed or Unenclosed
  • Air Compressor Types
    • Rotary Screw
    • Rotary Vane
    • Rotary Scroll

Oil-Less/Oil Free Compressors

  • Unenclosed Rotary Scroll Compressors
  • Enclosed Rotary Scroll Compressors
  • Oil-Less Reciprocating compressors
    • .75-5 HP
    • 5-15 HP

Air Treatment Products

  • Keep lubricants from being washed away from downstream components extending product life.
  • Reduce product contamination in applications such as mixing, conveying, cooling and product blow down.
  • Reduce compressed air system corrosion which would increase pressure drop and operational costs.

Quick-Lock/Big-Lock Tubing

  • Simple installation
  • Fittings are nickel plated brass
  • Tubing is powder coated extruded aluminum
  • Re-usable - can be effortlessly disconnected and reconnected for re-use
  • No preventive checks or maintenance required
  • Less contamination in the air stream when compared to black iron piping
  • No requirement for welding

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